Mitsubishi Heavy Industries gasoline and diesel engines, generators, bus air-conditioners, and heavy industrial products, Japan-based JX lubricant, U.K.-based Stamford and Germany-based AVK generators, U.S.-based John Deere diesel engines, and etc.

Adopts the "devising product specifications that most satisfy customer needs in accord with local market’s practices and in-situ using condition and habit" as its mission as a local enterprise, Shung Ye Trading put countless manpower, material resources, and mental efforts in its attempt to fabricate a global trading network, based on three insistences: quality, integrity, and local precedence.

Meanwhile, by faithfully and instantaneously passing the local market information and product using condition to the respective original manufacturers, and formulating a wise long-term promotional champagne for the represented brands and products, Shung Ye won both respect and continued distribution rights from the original manufacturers. A cooperative long-term relationship based on mutual trust was thereby established.
Besides, by dint of Shung Ye Trading's long-term cooperation with the original manufacturers, overseas businesses were flourishing. Shung Ye acquired business contracts to supply fuels in airports of Japan for airline companies including China Airlines. Thanks to this long-term cooperation, too, Taiwan's quality products were successfully marketed abroad.

▲ Chronological Overview of Brands and Products Distributed by Shung Ye Trading
1958 Acquired distribution right from Shin Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. for sales in Taiwan of Mitsubishi heavy industrial products and Mitsubishi vehicles and accessories.
1965 Acquired distribution right from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. for sales in Taiwan of diesel engines, and imported MHI series diesel engines for industrial use.
1969 Acquired distribution right from Kyodo Oil Co. (later become JX) for sales in Taiwan of JOMO lubricants. Business scope extended to lubricant related products.
1970 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan was established. Imported and distributed trucks, tractors, buses, bus chassis, and sedans from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
1973 Acquired distribution right of FUSO and Canter series trucks from China Motor Corporation.
1991 Acquired distribution right of STAMFORD alternator from the U.K.
1993 Acquired distribution right of JOHN DEERE diesel engine series products from the U.S.
1994 Set up Shung Ye Motors, which specializes in sales of imported Mitsubishi sedans and recreational vehicles as well as models made by China Motor.
2005 Cooperated with DaimlerChrysler AG and introduced ACTROS heavy-duty commercial vehicle series for assemblage and sales in Taiwan.
2017 Established a joint venture company – Daimler Truck Asia Taiwan Ltd. with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp.
2019 Acquired distribution right of FOGMAKER fire suppression system from Sweden.