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An island surrounded by ocean that lacks raw materials, Taiwan's economic development relies heavily on international trade. In order to introduce high quality products from worldwide, and provide advanced, comprehensive service for the transportation industry in the country as well as promote Taiwan’s outstanding products to the world, in 1968, Shung Ye Group reorganized Shung Ye Co., the origin founded company, into "Shung Ye Trading Co., Ltd.”, specializing in import/export trade services.  The company, taking consideration of local market's needs as well as indigenous usage and habits, aims to introduce products with specifications that are most suitable for customers.

Despite unceasing changes in time, market and environment, Shung Ye Trading has invested enormous resources over the long term with professional judgment and foreseen vision on international trends. As a result, we have made our presence in 5 major continents including Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia with trading partners over 15 countries and continued to build a much comprehensive global import/export and domestic trade network. Today, Shung Ye Trading is ranked among the top 20 traders in Taiwan, and is an international enterprise that continued to receive Excellent Import/Export Trading Awards by the Ministry of Finance for nearly 3 decades.